Congratulations!! You are expecting a new little bundle of joy! What do you do next? Well we have come up with a 1st trimester to do list that will help you to organize yourself during this new and exciting time.

The 1st trimester can be a rollercoaster of emotions (not just because of your new stock pile of hormones.) One moment you are over the moon, the next scared for what the future holds, likely worried about if everything is ok with your new baby, and then if your anything like me crying because of a pampers commercial or a sad story on social media. We are here to help you reign that rollercoaster in an figure out what your next step is.

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Tell Your Partner


So this may seem obvious however, there are a ton of creative ways that this can be done other then sending him a picture of the stick you peed on. There is everything from elaborate photo shoots to a simple card depending on how long you are willing to wait to tell him. Either way you can definitely make this fun, and don’t forget to video his reaction! It is priceless and you will want to see it again!

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Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins


American Pregnancy Association and your doctor or midwife will likely suggest you start taking a prenatal vitamin if you have not started already. Growing a human puts an extra demand on your body and your daily requirements of certain vitamins and nutrients increases. Taking a prenatal vitamin helps to meet this need and leads to healthy infant development.

 Here is a great article that offers a comprehensive review of prenatal vitamins! 

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Find An OBGYN Or Midwife


If you are not already seeing an OBGYN or midwife it is time to find one. There are a few ways you can find the right fit for you. First, figure out who is covered by your insurance. Also important to make sure that the doctor you want to see has rights to deliver at the hospital you would like to deliver at.

Second, ask around. Who do your friends see? Anyone with new babies is a good person to ask because they have recent experience with that doctor and their birthing abilities.

Third, google. Look up reviews from strangers, read good ones and bad ones. Don’t just look at the rating but rather read why people liked or didn’t like a doctor. If they did not like them because the doctor had purple hair but the doctor had great bedside manner and everyone else loved them, maybe consider they may be a great choice FOR YOU regardless of their hair color choice.

Also consider if you would like to have your baby in a hospital. I have plenty of friends who chose to have their baby at home instead. If that is the case great! But you need to find a practitioner (midwife or OBGYN) to follow your pregnancy and make sure that you and your baby are safe to do so.


Book Your First Appointment


You have finally found the doctor/ midwife, now it is time to set up your 1st trimester appointment. The first time I called to tell my doctors office it was about 5 seconds after I got a positive result. I wanted to check on that baby as soon as possible to make sure everything was A-OKAY. So when I called and they said ok we would like to see you at 9 weeks along I about lost it. “WHAT, why so long!?” I asked the innocent receptionist who had clearly been asked this question, in that tone a million times. She calmly explained to me that they wait so that the baby has a clear and distinctive heartbeat during the 1st trimester appointment.

While this was the longest wait of my life, set your appointment up earlier rather than later so you can request off of work and or make arrangements in advanced.


Download A Pregnancy App


Holy choices! Just search pregnancy app in your app store and you are likely to be very overwhelmed. I made the choice to download 5 different apps. And I used most of them. They all offer something a bit different so I would say try some out. You may find one is your go to and delete the rest or like me, you may say you like the realistic images of this app but you like the articles from this app. Some of our favorites include:

  1. BabyBump
  2. What To Expect
  3. Glow Nurture
  4. Bump
  5. Ovia Pregnancy



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Calculate Your Due Date


One of the biggest questions that will come up in your head (before your appointment with your doctor) is when will my due date be? There is no need to wait for that time to get a rough idea, though this may change by a week or two at your first appointment so don’t get this date set in stone. Click here for one of our favorite due date calculators so you can know exactly what to expect. Some of the pregnancy apps also offer due date calculators so you may already have this information!


Start A Running List Of Questions For Your Doctor/Midwife


The moment that test comes back positive there will be a million things running through your head. Start writing them down. Don’t relay on what you read from the internet to answer your questions because medicine is always changing and google does not replace a medical license. These questions can include everything from what foods should I avoid? Can I consume caffeine? Can I take over the counter medications?

Some of these questions you may feel need to be answered right away for example, if you are taking an anti-depressant is that safe for my baby. Please bring that up when you make your 1st trimester appointment and the doctor can call you and go over that information with you prior to your appointment.

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions, you are asking to protect your unborn child and this is your momma bear instinct already developing. No question is dumb. I would recommend using the notes portion of your phone (some of your pregnancy apps offer a section for this :)) and just having a running note that you can go over with your doctor either over the phone prior to your appointment or day of.


Begin Documenting Your Pregnancy


Believe it now or not, this is going to fly by. And whether you loved being pregnant or spent all nine months throwing up, there are things about being pregnant you are not going to want to forget. I can still vividly remember the first time I felt my son move. Write it down somewhere. When you go back and read that years down the road, you will be glad you did. This is a time you don’t get back. Every pregnancy and baby is different so enjoy the little things and try to not let the uncomfortable things get to you too much. Remember its all temporary!



Get Some Rest!


You are growing a person after all. If you get home from work and feel the need to go to bed at 7pm, DO NOT feel bad. Listen to your body and get the extra hours of sleep. Your floors will still need to be mopped tomorrow and maybe you will be up to it then but this can be a tiring process so prioritize yourself and your body! Rest assured you should not be this tired after the 1st trimester is completed.

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