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Our mission is to provide an engaging and meaningful experience for parents to connect with their babies in a fun, yet educational way.

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Our Story

We are Kymberlee Curti and Tawny Spires, two determined, focused and aspiring entrepreneurs. Being new moms in this world, we wanted to provide a platform that made the first 12 months of our baby’s life easier, progressive and helpful for their development. The inspiration came from a friend that sent a care package with several items that we needed during the hospital stay and recovery stages. After long hours of research to find if there was a company that provided this type of service, we were unable to find anything and that’s when we created Moment In A Box Club.

When we designed each box and selected the items, we kept mom in mind to make sure she knew we understood what she was going through. Our boxes are meant to provide support to the family and give them more opportunities to connect on a deeper level and help their baby during the developmental stages. This process also had to be easy, convenient and simple. To bring that vision alive, we enabled a subscription program. Our boxes start one month before the baby’s due date and will continue to arrive in time for each stage. They focus on the development of fine motor skills, cause and effect, teething, food and reading. This means that mom and dad don’t have to store these items for different stages or potentially forget about them until it’s too late. We look forward to welcoming to our family here at the Moment In A Box Club.

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