It just hit me last week that I am about to start my 3rd trimester with baby # 2! My son will be two in a week so I have been going along in this pregnancy thinking, “I probably don’t need much, I saved everything with my son and had pretty gender neutral colors.” 


Well I woke up and realized oh man, I was wrong, and I still need some things. While it is less traditional to do a shower for baby number 2 if your going to have a shower then check out our Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist to help you form your registry. 


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Since our babies are going to be so close and we saved a lot of our baby gear we decided against having a baby shower. If that is also your choice, this is the article for you. Here is our list of baby #2 must haves to make your transition to Mamma of TWO smooth and easy.




We will use our infant seat again but in about 7-15 months your going to need to get a second car seat because they will definitely not fit in this forever. If you want to skip the infant seat great! Check out this great convertible seat that starts with a weight of 5-50 lbs. That is a huge weight range that you will definitely get your use out of!

Double Stroller

  • We walk almost everyday with my son so the ability to continue this routine is important to all of our sanity with baby #2. I started looking at these early and quickly realized there is so many different options. My recommendation to you is to start watching out for them. The park, the store, the mall, hell I found the one I liked the best walking around on the 4th of July! 
  • I also quickly realized that these can get pricey fast. Strollers are something that can be found anywhere from target to amazon to facebook marketplace. We found a killer deal on our double BoB Jogger on facebook marketplace and if your on a budget I would highly recommend looking here. 
  • For those of you looking for new read the reviews and ask other mommas. Pay attention to a few things including how it folds down- will this stroller fit in your vehicle? Also watch for what the minimum weight is for your baby to ride in this stroller? If they cannot ride in it as an infant, does the stroller have an option to add an your infant car seat.



I still can’t fathom how I am going to have enough hands to care for my toddler and a newborn. As far as I can figure out a carrier is the only way. There are a ton of different choices when it comes to carrier so pick what works best for you. Traditional or wrap, either way you need to learn how to grow an extra set of hands- this is how.

Back Pack Diaper Bag

So we just mentioned how you need an extra set of hands with two babies, here is another way to give you your arms back to help with baby #2. If you don’t already have a diaper bag that is a backpack, you need one! This one is beautiful, functional, and inexpensive!

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If baby # 1 is still in a crib you will likely have to get something for your baby to sleep in. If your planning on moving baby #1 into a toddler bed at the very least you will need a new mattress. You can also get away with a bassinet or pack and play depending on how your planning your sleep arrangements.


This co-sleeper is an all time favorite, especially for our c-section mommas! Makes it easy for mom to get baby #2 without straining her already beat up body!

Crib Bedding

Don’t forget new bedding. While you may still have bedding from baby #1 its a good idea to get a few new sets of sheets. Bacteria can grow in weird places and with a baby’s sensitive skin washing your babies sheets with harsh chemicals is not recommended. This crib bedding is beautiful, soft and perfect for any nursery theme.

Baby Monitor

Baby # 1 in my house is going to be two when his sister arrives. This momma is definitely not ready to have him unmonitored in his new big boy bed. So second baby monitor it is!

Sound Machine

This is something that you probably want in all of your kids rooms. Baby will wake up and cry and a sound machine will help baby # 1 stay asleep during the chaos of a newborn. Also your newborn just spent that last 9 months next to one of the largest blood vessels in our body, its loud in there. They will feel more comfortable with some background noise too.


Car Seat Mirror

Your whole back seat will need reconfiguring including a new mirror. We love ours and so does my son. It has made it easy keeping him rear facing as a toddler too because he can see more!



Ok, maybe you don’t want to give baby a pacifier, AMEN to you momma! I had the same goal but that was not what worked for my son. It did not hurt my ability to breastfeed and it made it so my husband and I stayed sane in the first few newborn weeks. It is a good idea to get a new set of pacifiers for your baby to protect your new baby from any germs your older child may have in their mouths.


Breastmilk Storage Bags

If your planning on pumping you definitely need these. Even if you are going to be staying home and not working it is still a good idea to have one box laying around. While most people don’t have over supply issues, it can happen and you don’t want to throw away your liquid gold!

Baby Hangers

Seriously you need to like double the amount of hangers you have. I started hanging up clothes for baby # 2 and I have taken 3 extra trips to the store to get more.

Baby #2 Must Haves

Well there you have it! Our list of must have products to welcome baby #2 as seamlessly as possible. What were some of your must have baby items with baby #2?


Don’t forget to check out our shop and our subscription boxes? They make a great addition to your baby registry whether you are expecting your first baby or your fifth!

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