Do you really need a baby registry? Well we have found ourselves asking the same question and lucky for us Janelle from Overflowing Tea Cup has created a perfect comparison of the pro’s & con’s of baby registries.

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Baby Registries-Pros & Cons


As a first-time expecting mom, one thing I’ve been mulling over in my head is a baby registry. Should I register, so that it is easy for my friends and family to know exactly what I’m needing? Or should I leave the choice on what to get me (if anything) up to them?


Where to Start


If you have decided that a registry is exactly what you need, there are so many things you need to keep in mind while setting it up. Convenience for yourself and gift givers, do they offer any deals or coupons, and does their selection of stock match what you are looking for?

If you’re still on the fence about setting up a registry for your baby, I have compiled a list of pros and cons of both. And since I always prefer my good news before the bad, let’s start with the pros of having a registry.

Pros of A Baby Registry




Creating a baby registry, and having a list of everything that you’re going to need with a newborn could be extremely helpful. The last thing you want to do is realize when baby is here, that you forgot to pick up the extremely handy bottle warmer.  

Not only is this list convenient for yourself, but it is also convenient for your gift-givers as well. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in the situation where I have no clue what to get my friend for her baby shower, and just end up buying her another cute newborn outfit. Adorable, yes. Was she in desperate need for another one? Probably not.


Avoiding Duplicates


If this is your second, third, or fourth child you might already have quite a bit of items for the new baby. Having a registry would be a great way to ensure that you don’t receive duplicates of items.  


Baby Shower


Some woman love the idea of having a baby shower thrown for them, and for others it can cause some anxiety. If you do decide to create a baby registry for yourself, this might also mean that you’re totally ok with having a friend or family member throw you a baby shower. It makes it easier for guests who are attending to see what you need, and what you don’t. Also hey, it’s an excuse to get together with your close friends and family and eat great food and (if you’re having the shower after baby is born) everyone is always so excited to meet your new little one!




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Cons of A Baby Registry

The Element of Expectation

If you have set up your registry and are now providing it to friends and family, there’s always the worry that it might come across as an expectation for gifts. I can assure you that this is rarely the reality. Be gracious, make it known that it is not expected, volunteer the registry information when someone asks if you have one, and have items ranging in all different price points.


Price Point


When you are buying a gift, you already know your price point and the amount you are willing/able to spend. If your registry contains a bunch of items that you really need, but are quite pricey it might be a bit uncomfortable for the gift-giver. They may feel a bit awkward buying you a gift that is in their price range yes, but not on your registry list.  


Get Thrifty


This sort of ties into the price point above, but I absolutely love thrifting. I am a believer that everything for the baby does not have to be brand new and expensive. I’ve seen many gently used strollers, clothes, and baby necessities. Of course, if things are stained, ripped or smelly you should probably avoid them. But if you choose not to have a registry, you can most likely save a ton of money by tuning into your thrifty side. I’ve found tons of gently used items from local Facebook groups, friends who have toddlers, or other online websites.


Go with Your Instinct


If you get excited about looking through all the different types of registries, then go for it! And if the thought of telling your friends and family about your registry makes you cringe, then that’s totally fine to not have one. In the end, it’s whatever makes you more comfortable, since hey, this is all about you and your baby after all.

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Baby registries can be a lot of work but also very rewarding. Regardless of your choice, we hope you and your new baby use our Moment In A Box Club baby box subscription to help you through the first year of motherhood.

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