Here’s the thing about baby shower games…

You either love them! Or you really could never participate in one again and be very happy. Chances are your guests at your baby shower will be a mix of people. We have created a list of baby shower games for all sorts! The passive game player, the active outdoor player, and the middle of the road participant.


1. Diaper Derby

This blindfolded diaper changing race to see who can put on a diaper fastest is a great game for a couples shower. It reaches the the competitive side of our dads and shows off the skills of your friends who are new to parenting as well. You can set this up in one of two ways. You can have two dolls and have people compete head to head in multiple challenges or you can have a bunch of dolls and have everyone compete at the same time (with a non blindfolded judge watching.)

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2. Play-Doh Babies


This is a game for peoples creative juices! This game is great for people of all ages (especially good if there will be school aged kids attending). Let people create their best work of art out of Play-Doh. Ask your guests to make a “baby.” The winner of this game is which ever baby is Mom-to-be’s favorite baby!

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3. Don’t Say ??

Don’t Say …BABY!! This game is a great semi passive game. When your guests arrive give them a safety pin or a clothes pin and tell them not not to say “baby.” If you are caught saying “baby” the catcher gets your pin. The person with the most pins at the end of the shower wins! Very simple, plus it really brings out peoples competitive side!

4. Bottle Chug

This fun bottle chugging race doubles as a gift to the mom-to-be. Buy a pack of bottles (preferably bottles that the mom-to-be is going to want to use when the baby is born). Then the race is on, fill with milk, water, juice or a beverage of your choice!

TIP: if you also get the mom a sterilizer as your gift to her this would be a very clever gift!

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5. Witty Diapers


Let your creativity run wild! These fun, witty, and sweet diapers will give the parents-to-be some really great laughs in the middle of the night.

Double bonus- mom-to-be now has a stash of diapers she did not have to buy! Every parents dream!

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6. Diaper Raffle


Since we are on the topic of diapers, a diaper raffle is great way for your guest to win a fun gift and the mom-to-be to walk away with enough diapers to keep her out of the store for months!

Slip a little addition like this into your invitations and then let mom-to-be draw a winner from a hat!

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7. Mommy and Daddy Childhood Secrets


This is a wonderful game for a close group of friends doing a co-ed shower! The host will ask a series of questions about mom and dad’s childhood. The answers should be silly, for example: Did mom or dad have a stuffed lion named Edgar? Which parent-to-be had an imaginary friend named Fred? Which parent was obsessed with Barney as a child? Get the idea? Save your list!

At the shower, pass out 2 paddles to each person (one pink for mom and one blue for dad). These can be a pink M and Blue D out of construction paper pasted to a popsicle stick. Then you (the host) reads the questions and everyone makes their vote as the questions are read aloud. Once everyone (except mom and dad) have voted, mom and dad raise the appropriate paddle to indicate the winner!

Very fun and interactive but requires a bit of prep.


8. How Big Is Mom’s Belly

Run this one by the mom-to-be first, she may not like the idea that her size is the topic of a game. If she is in this is super easy and fun! Pass out this tape,  yarn, string, or ribbon to each participant and let them cut it to the size they think mom’s belly is. Closest to actual size gets a prize!

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What are some of your favorite baby shower games?

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