Breastfeeding is beautiful, magical even! But then theres the part where it isn’t… There are a few products that make up what I call your breastfeeding essentials that will help this process stay magical!

As a new mom and a nurse I was determined that this was the best thing for my son and I would make it work no matter what. While that mindset helped me get through some really hard times in breastfeeding let me start this post by saying the most important thing you can do for your baby is feed them. Even if that means it is not breastmilk. Do what is best for you and your baby!

Breastfeeding Essentials

The first few days of breastfeeding with my son seemed to be going okay. However, around day 4 of my son’s life… breastfeeding changed. Actually my nipples specifically changed. Even though I had seen the lactation consultant and she insisted that my son’s latch was great and I would have no issues when we left the hospital, I did. My nipples were sore, and started bleeding and scabbing. Every time my son wanted to eat it was SOOO painful for me! So if you are like me and are determined to be successful here are my breastfeeding essentials to make your life easier.


Before Baby Arrives

  1. Loofah your nipples! Seriously it sounds weird but do it. It helps to build up their endurance and they need to toughen up.
  2. Read! This book from amazon has been around FOREVER however, it is still a very relevant and helpful book.
  3. Do some research and find a breastfeeding group to support you. Sometimes your hospital may even organize this! Set yourself up for success by putting yourself around people who are successful.
  4. Take a class- online or in person. Know different positions, trouble shooting, and what normal breastfeeding should look like prior to your baby being born.

If you do these things before baby gets here your already setting yourself up to be successful!


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Now The Goods!

Nipple Shield

This nipple shield is a set of two with a carrying case. These are seriously amazing and helped my son tremendously when he transitioned to a bottle. We only used them for the first few months but I wouldn’t have made it without them!


This thing is magic for anyone who leaks on one side while their little one nurses on the other. It seems crazy but this simple silicone container can help save precious milk for later. Simply compress the chamber and place the phalange over your nipple that is not being used and let the suction pull any excess milk into the chamber. Simple but one of my favorites!


This stuff is basically like really good lotion for your nipples. This awesome three pack from amazon has 3 small bottles so you can keep one every where you may need it!


Ok so SPOILER ALERT here. Our 12 and 6 month baby box subscriptions come with a box of these! We love love love these! They help to heal dry, cracked, or scabbed nipples. They were seriously my life saver!

Burp Cloth

For this I personally loved to use a muslin receiving blanket. My son was born in September so it was hot and these are so breathable, super absorbent, and wash so easily. Use them to burp baby when they have finished or to clean up any milk mess there may be. In addition to being used as a burp cloth they can be used as a cover if you have company and don’t want to share your girls with everyone (I personally tried to maintain some level of modesty through childbirth but more power to the mom who is ready to share with everyone!)

Nursing Pads

Disposable or washable, most women need these at least for a little while. Here are some of our favorite of both options.

Nursing Pillow

This is a must have breastfeeding essential! A nursing pillow gives you an extra hand when you really need it most! There are a ton of options out there but this is our favorite! It doubles as a perfect pillow to help your little one learn how to sit up on their own safely.

So there it is, you want to have the beautiful part of breastfeeding the first step is to be prepared. We have our favorite products and tricks all here in one place to help make your breastfeeding journey perfect. You may need to alter this breastfeeding essentials list to work best for you but this is the framework to start with!

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