If you are reading this, we want to be the first to congratulate you on your new baby! The next thing on the to do list is to come up with a creative way to share the news with your husband or significant other! You Are Pregnant!! YAY!!

1. Enlist The Help of Your Fur Babies

Our animals are our first children, so if you have any animals go ahead and use there help. Make a creative sign and hang it around their neck or place it next to them so when your husband comes home its the first thing he sees.

A: babyscanstudios
B: mitsu_the_pup


2. Let Share the News

This option doubles as a great pregnancy announcements as well but a cool T-Shirt that says “Older Brother” is a simple and nonchalant way to let your husband know that you are pregnant and baby #2 is on the way! Let your children help tell Daddy the good news that baby number 2 is on the way!

3. Plan A Photo Shoot

Plan a Photo shoot to tell your husband your pregnant. This may be our favorite option, though you have to be able to keep your secret to pull this one off! Arrange to have a photographer set up a couples shoot and share your news during the shoot! These husbands were truly surprised when they found out their wives were pregnant and best of all it was caught on camera for them to remember forever!

A. vanderphillipz
B. haleylupinskiphotography
C. Shelbydanillephotography
D. Raising_mowgli


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You can find so many different custom gifts on Etsy that can help you tell your husband you are pregnant. These are some of our favorites. Inside the cup and on the spoon say “You’re Going To Be A Daddy.”

Creative Ways to tell your husband you are pregnant

Credit to

A. Theletterloft
B. Flynn.and.grace
C. tilly_and_wilbur
D: theyoung_mum


5. Creative ways to tell your significant other that you are pregnant!

Surprise daddy with a custom onesie from Etsy! Have it arranged for him to see as soon as he gets home or gift wrap it so you can enjoy the suspense even more! There are a ton of different options on Etsy if you just type in the search engine “You’re Going To Be A Daddy.”

These are some of our favorite options for telling your husband that you are pregnant. How did you guys share this news with your husband or significant other? Do you have any other creative ideas? Don’t forget to check out our ultimate baby registry checklist! It comes with a free printable to help you organize your baby registry!


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