The first few months of your newborns life, may feel like a blur. These newborn hacks are here to help you make the most of every moment. These are things we learned the hard way or that we learned from talking to other moms and need to be shared! We hope you use all of our newborn hacks but if even just one of these newborn hacks helps you out, then this article was a success!

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Vaseline For Meconium


If you have not already learned about newborn poop, check out the infographic on this site so you can be prepared pre baby. Anyways, the first baby poop is called meconium. It is dark and sticky and a pain to get off your newborns precious new skin and usually occurs in the first few hours after birth. If you can get to this early, have dad (or you if you can walk) place some Vaseline on baby’s skin on their butt when they place the baby’s first diaper. This way when they have the first poop or meconium, it slides right off. No scrubbing of your precious new baby’s butt.


Throw Out The Buttons


They are cute but pajamas with buttons are only going to get more challenging with age. May as well start your collection of baby clothes right and get zippers only! Trying to get buttons buttoned on a newborn who does not want to lay still or just lay period, nightmare. Learn from my mistake here.


Velcro Swaddles


Believe it or not it is more likely that your baby does not sleep through the night at a miraculous 6 weeks. I have friends whose children didn’t sleep through the night until several years (7 is the oldest I have heard). For us it was 11 months before we had any semblance of a normal sleep routine. So as far as sleeping hacks, I have tried them all!! For newborns though, velcro swaddles are a must have!

Your newborn liked his or her home inside you. They were comfortable, fed, warm, and did not necessarily want to leave. While you were likely ready for the eviction notice, labor was traumatizing for them too. When we swaddle our newborns they feel a little bit of that comfort that they remember from “home.”

Now why not just swaddle in a blanket? Well here is the thing. No matter how strong your swaddling game is, they are just not as good, as quick, or as easy as these velcro swaddles. Trust me on this, this newborn hack will help your newborn rest easy and you wont be left googling videos on how to do the perfect swaddle. These Swaddles are our personal favorites. They work great, are easy to wash and easy to use!

These Swaddles are our personal favorites. They work great, are easy to wash and easy to use!

Changing Station On Each Floor


Here is the thing, babies require a lot of diaper changes. I mean A LOT. If you are the proud resident of a two story house do yourself a favor and set up a changing station on each floor of your house. Have everything; diaper cream, wipes, diapers and even an extra onesie laying around just in case. While running up and down the stairs may help you get your summer beach bod back faster, you will get tired of this real quick and this is a time of healing and rest for you momma. This newborn hack will save you time and energy.

Buy A Sleep Machine


I skipped this on my registry and for the life of me I have no idea why. It ended up being a 3am purchase from amazon to help with some of our sleeping issues. Just like the swaddle you want a sound machine to help recreate the environment that your baby just came from, making them feel at home. Baby lives near a major artery inside of mom, which basically sounds like loud rushing about 60-100 times a minute. We bring them into the world where all they know is the rushing noise and leave them in a completely silent room? Bad idea (at least for us it was).

This Baby Shoosher is award winning and works on AA batteries so it can travel with your baby where ever they need to sleep.


Don’t Make Assumptions About Breastfeeding


This is more like a new mom hack than a newborn hack but we felt it was practical information and needed to be shared. If you are not planning on breastfeeding you may want to skip this newborn hack.


Breastfeeding may not come naturally to you. 


I know, its a natural process. Women have been doing it for years. Labor is the hard part, breastfeeding should come easy. I have heard it all, but for me, breastfeeding was worse than labor.

Don’t let me scare you off if you are on the fence, just take my advice. First and most importantly, Loofa your nipples! Before baby gets here, even your whole pregnancy, scrub your nipples. This advice may sound weird but it can make your break your breastfeeding experience. I got this advice too late and spent day 4 of my son’s life crying every time he wanted to eat because my nipples hurt so bad. (My baby’s latch was great, I was just tender because this was new). Second be patient. This gets so much better and for me became a bond that I will never forget with my son. It is so WORTH it if you can stick it out!


Feed Your Baby When They Are Hungry


When my girlfriend had her baby I spoke to her at length about 3 days after her baby was born. She told me how tired she was because her doctor told her to wake her baby every 2 hours to eat no matter what. I had delivered at a different hospital with different doctors and different advice. We never did this but rather asked about it while we were in the hospital. Our nurse explained, “you are not hungry on a schedule are you?” Well duh!

It seemed so obvious but this is a relatively new concept of feeding your baby on demand. This may mean a lot of cluster feedings during the day but ideally your child tells you with hunger cues what they need as far as food intake. For us this lead to longer stretches of sleeping earlier.




We cannot replace your doctor but we do suggest trying different things. If something is not working for your baby, don’t be afraid to say this isn’t working for us. Change it, try something else. You and your baby will find what works best for you both!




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Clip Your Babies Nails During Nursing


Your newborns nails will grow at what seems to be an alarming rate. And they are thin and keep scratching their precious face and trying to get your baby’s nails clipped or filed, forget about it! Don’t fret, just do it while they eat! If you are formula feeding have dad or someone feed them and you can sneak their hand away while they are busy eating. If you are a nursing momma, I would do it myself while he ate! Perfect newborn hack!


Onsies Don’t Have To Go Over The Head


While I wish you to be the mom who never has to experience the “blowout,” I have never actually met that beautiful unicorn mom. For the rest of us, did you know that the flaps on the top of the onesie are designed for them to be pulled down instead of over baby’s head! MIND BLOWN! I think this newborn hack is enough without any more explanation 🙂


Wonder Weeks


This app is one of the most helpful tid bits of advice I got as a new mom. (Trust us you will get more than you ever dreamed of getting as far as advice goes.) This app explains to you developmental leaps that your baby is going through. What does that mean? It can explain why your baby is extra crankythis week. Goes into what they are capable of learning and helps you track your newborns progress as far as development (again nothing can replace your doctor, but this app explains things so you can help understand what your baby is going through at any given moment)

Pack Yourself Extras


Bring yourself a change of clothes in your diaper bag. Again, unless your a unicorn momma, blowouts and spit up can happen anywhere and who wants to be the mom with a black shirt with white spit up all over it? Easier to just plan on it happening and have an extra shirt near by.


Backpack Diaper Bag


While we are on the subject of packing your diaper bag, get a backpack diaper bag. It allows you to use your hands for what you want to use them for, your baby. Not carrying a bunch of baby stuff (which you need to bring with you in case of the inevitable blowout.)

This one is is one of our favorites. It has lots of space, waterproof, and stylish.


Put A Storage Bin In Babies Closet


I saved this for the end because this newborn hack is bitter sweet. Your newborn baby will soon be running laps around you. I remember when we organized my son’s closet before his arrival we said something like, “Geeze he is never going to be in 9 month clothes, look how huge those are!” Sure enough it came way too fast. Putting an empty storage bin allows you to easily store clothes that no longer fit your baby. When it is full, move it to the garage and start a new one mom. I think I have 8 bins and my son is 20 months.

If you want more children I would recommend saving them. If not most new moms love hand-me-downs and if you don’t know anyone else expecting, they make a great donation.


Baby Box Subscription


Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to sign up for you Moment In A Box Club Subscription. We have a ton of different payment options to fit any budget and our baby box subscriptions are full of products both mom and baby will love!

Our goal is that all of these make your life easier during this time of transition in you and your families lives however, if even one of these helps you then this post has been successful!



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