You have two months until your due date and your trying to figure out what else you may need before the baby gets here, what needs to be set up, and oh yeah! You need to pack your hospital bag! But pregnancy brain has set in, so a list would with all of the perfect picks (with options to buy!) is what you need! Look no further, Moment In A Box Club has curated this perfect list you speak of. And all links will lead you to amazon because we know you already have a Prime account! If not, sign up here because you need one to save all the $$$ when having a baby.

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Hospital Bag Part 1: Mom


Mom’s hospital bag will be the biggest and most important. It kind of goes along with the saying “Happy wife, happy life”. The more comfortable Mom is, the better it is for everyone else. In this section we will cover the basics but also the less talked about items that make the aftermath of childbirth a little more bearable.

First you may want to pick out a new bag (at least I did). Here is the most functional, and let’s be honest, cutest bags I came across. So many prints to choose from! These bags have all the space you could possibly need! And the small wallet pictured in the corner is the bag folded up when not is use, so you barely need any storage space. These bags have different print options and come with a messenger strap for easy transportation. Click links to learn more!


First up on my list is a maternity robe. This item will make your stay much more comfortable, especially if you are going to be breastfeeding! I have put two links here because in getting the link for the robe I used with the lace trim, I came across a set that has the matching swaddle for your new born. (How cute though!)

To go with your robe, this ultra soft maternity and nursing pajama set is a must! It allows for easy feeding but looks good enough to wear around the hospital. It also isn’t restrictive on any part of the body which is wonderful after childbirth.

Next up, socks! The hospital will give you non-skid socks but they are a one size fits all and they are not very comfortable! So check out these non-skid “baby you’re worth it” socks that will give you a ton of cute photos while keeping your feet warm and cozy!

After baby is born and even during your labor, you may be up and doing a little walking around the hospital. Pack a pair of comfortable slippers, to keep you socks clean and your feet warm and protected. These slippers I found here were my go-tos! Easy to slide on and take off while still looking good.

Now lets talk undies. You will not be using regular underwear for up to a week, if not longer! The hospital will provide you with some type of netting underwear with pads. Some women love these, some don’t. We suggest grabbing a package of Always Discreet Postpartum Underwear for Women. These are extremely comfortable and easy during your postpartum stay in the hospital and for when you arrive home with baby.

You will also want to pack an outfit for when you are finally discharged from the hospital. Make sure this is something comfortable and fairly breathable. Some women think they’re going straight back to their pre-pregnancy clothes. While you do lose some weight ASAP, give yourself a little time before getting those clothes out again. Maxi dresses are great for summer deliveries! Leggings and sweaters or cardigans are great for fall and winter.




Alright, clothing is out of the way. On to cover hygiene! Some hospitals will provide you with some essential hygiene care (check during the hospital tour), but its best to be prepared! This convenience kit is a quick and easy pack to make sure all bases are covered. When I gave birth to my baby girl, I was in the hospital for three nights and four days, and this kit made me so happy. You have no idea how much better you feel after taking that first shower!

*Another item you will want to have in your fridge at home as well as in your hospital bag is Tucks pads. Unless you have a C-Section, these babies are life saving for your lady bits after child birth. You lay a couple of these pads on top of a cooling pack and place in your underwear and let the relief begin!

*Now this may seem silly but pack lip balm! Your lips may become dry after childbirth, and you need to be prepared!

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Breast Feeding


OK, so some Moms decided before baby comes that breastfeeding is not for them, which is totally fine! But if you are like me, I was going to try my very hardest to be successful at breastfeeding. There are a couple of items you should bring with you to labor and delivery in your hospital bag to set you up on the right foot.

One, lanolin. This product is good for short and long term goals for breastfeeding. I did initially start with this in the hospital and used it after each feeding (this is non-toxic for newborns, no need to wash yourself before feeding again).

*Second item I could never have lived without, Soothie Gel Pads from Lansinoh. I give credit to these pads for making it through the first couple weeks, which is by far the hardest. By day two in the hospital, you will want to use them. They are cooling and help your nipples recover quicker (two hours never seemed so short). The only downside is that you do need to wash yourself with a rag and some soap and water before feeding baby. Trust me, they are worth it!

Third and final item you may need are disposable nursing pads for your nursing bra. Some women start to leak prior to baby’s arrival so getting a box a little early isn’t the worst idea!


Other Relevant Items


You will want to pack your phone charger for sure! We all need to stay entertained during the process of labor so packing a book or magazines is also a great idea. You will want to make sure you bring a copy of your birth plan (if you decided to make one). Along with ID and insurance card.

*Last but not least for Mom, you may want to pack your own water bottle and snacks! I liked having my own bottle so I could keep track of how much fluids I was actually consuming. Now, I did now bring snacks but I wish I would have! My baby was born at 3:30 AM and I was starving! This also comes in handy for your significant other and or other support system.

Hospital Bag Part 2: Baby


This may come as a surprise but you actually do not need to bring too much to the hospital for your soon to be newborn. Here are the essentials:

  • Onesies: It is best to pack at least three. I really liked getting white as they could be bleached easily (blowouts will happen, and they will start sooner than you think!)
  • Jammies: Pack one. For the most part our nurses wanted the baby swaddled in a onesie. But the day of leaving we did have her in a pair of footed pjs like this one. The linked pjs I choose for the soft fabric for sensitive skin but they also have the attached mittens which are amazing!
  • Socks: Bring those newborn socks so those brand new little toes stay warm! Newborns do not regulate their body temperatures very well so be prepared!
  • Blanket: The hospital will provide swaddles while you are there but it was nice to have a smaller baby blanket to cuddle the little one up with. This is also great for when you are breastfeeding and may get a surprise visitor!
  • Last but not least, you’ll want to pick out the going home outfit! Try to include a beanie so their head stays warm!


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After packing your hospital bag, its a great idea to let your significant other know where it will be located. It also wouldn’t be the worst idea to go through it with them, so in time of need, they can easily help.

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