Must See Gender Reveal Ideas

Ideas for a gender reveal party

Must See Gender Reveal Ideas

You no longer need to find out the gender of your baby in a dark room with a stranger witnessing your reaction! A gender reveal party, photoshoot, or even just a gender reveal between your husband and yourself can be a really fun way to not just announce the gender of your new baby but also find out the gender of your baby!

Gender Reveal Ideas

Are you coming up on your 20 week ultrasound? Before you go check out these gender reveal ideas for a fun way to share your news with everyone! Moment in a box club has compiled some of our favorite Gender reveal ideas just for you!1. Sweets


One of the first ways we saw gender reveal parties making a rise is through the idea of a cake cutting. But the options of desserts for gender reveal are really endless! Cake is beautiful because it can be big and feed a big group or smaller. Plus it offers a really fun level of anticipation to the experience for everyone watching you and your hubby cut the cake.

Gender Reveal Cake

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Cookies are a fun way for everyone to dig in and find out at the same time! Super fun for both small and large groups. The best thing about cookies is that they are interactive with your guests making them feel a part of your special announcement. Gender reveal cookies

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These Gender Reveal Cupcakes have pink, blue, and white swirled frosting on top that hides the secret colored heart in the center of the cupcake revealing the baby's gender when you bite into it! (Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial)

Another great way to include everyone is cupcakes! You choose what your baby is craving but either way your family and friends will love to be a part of the surprise!


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2. Smoke

Smoke Fountain

These colorful smoke fountains are fun and something that can be done with just you and your significant other in the setting of a fun photoshoot or in the setting of a party. We did a photoshoot and then shared the photo with all of our family at the same time! That way we still had an intimate moment to share with just my husband and I but also we had a fun way to share with our family.

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Golf Balls

Are you or your spouse an avid golfer? Then this is the reveal for you! Check out this smoke option where you hit the golf ball and it breaks with pink or blue!!!

These also come in options to shoot for the hunter, or a baseball for the baseball fan!

3. Balloons

Balloon Pop

Gather all your loved ones around for the big, much anticipated moment! This black 36″ Balloon can be filled with pink or blue confetti and then popped for the big moment!


Balloons In A Box

Another fun way to use balloons is to fill a box with pink or blue balloons so when the box is opened pink or blue comes flying out! (Don’t forget these balloons need helium!!)

"It's a...GIRL!" Our Balloons-in-a-Box Gender Reveal! How we pulled it off, tips we'd offer, and way more details that you ever wanted to know. {Tee hee.}


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4. Hanging Box

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This is beautiful photo is just gorgeous!  This idea can be used with a photographer or with a party full of people. It can also be altered to work indoors.


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5. Confetti

Pinata filled with confetti

Fill up a pinata with confetti for a childhood flashback or to include your older children in the announcement!

Confetti Cannon

This is a great way for everyone you include in your gender reveal to be involved. Amazon has these awesome blue and pink confetti cannons (10 pack so everyone can have one!)


Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon




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Today, with the help of Pinterest and other creative moms, we have the ability to celebrate our new baby a million times before they even get here. You may choose to forgo the gender reveal and only do a baby shower. In that case check out a related article with our favorite baby shower themes.

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Are you coming up on your 20 week ultrasound? Before you go check out these gender reveal ideas for a fun way to share your news with everyone! Moment in a box club has created a list of our favorites just for you!If you decide that you have to have a gender reveal party we hope you have found this article interesting and helpful! Oh, and congratulations on welcoming your new little one! Don’t forget to add your favorite baby box subscription from Moment In A Box Club to your baby list registry!



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