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Our monthly boxes for each stage of the baby’s first 12 months of life contain important and helpful tools to excel and aid in the development of the baby.

1st Month

This first box that you will receive arrives the month prior to your baby’s due date. This box will aid mom’s healing after childbirth and support newborn feeding.

2nd Month

This box will arrive the month your baby is born. The items in this box will help mom with newborns hygiene, provide pain relief, and help to make the late nights a bit brighter.

3rd Month

For the 2nd month of your baby’s development, the items in this box will arm you to make sure your baby’s skin is well nourished. Don’t worry, the products included are formulated by a pediatrician and designed for sensitive, delicate skin. 

4th Month

Your 4th box contains items to help with mom on the go, teething, and reading material to stimulate auditory and visual development. From this box forward, you can expect to see reading material in every box.

5th Month

Month 4 is a big milestone in your little ones growth. You may see a sleep regression and be thinking about introduction of foods. We have included items to support you through these transitions.

6th Month

This 6th box going to start fine motor skill development while introducing fun ways to engage your baby and teach cause and effect. 

7th Month

Splish splash, we’re taking a bath! Get ready for some fun in the tub with box 7. We are also making sure parents are prepared to take care of those new little teeth that are coming in or will be making their appearance very soon. Mom gets a surprise gift this month too!

8th Month

The 8th box is all about safety! If your baby isn’t on the move yet, he or she will be soon. We have included some of our favorite baby proofing items. This box also has one of our favorite toys for visual and cognitive development.

9th Month

It’s time to get outside! The 9th box contains the best items for the backyard or waterfront. These products are designed to promote sensory exploration and continue with your child’s fine motor skill building. 

10th Month

As your little one’s tastes advance, so will your needs in the kitchen. We have included some of our favorite goodies to help you and your baby with this phase of growth. This box also continues to develop hand eye coordination through play.

11th Month

As your baby becomes more active and starts exploring, be prepared for those bumps and bruises. In this box we have included handy medical supplies and other products continue to help with hand eye coordination and fine motor skill development. 

12th Month

Your baby will be one next month! The goodies in this box are here to help promote further independence and advance sensory skills.

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