The temperature is heating up quickly. It’s time to reduce your little ones screen time and get them outside with the outdoor summer essentials they need!

And if you are anything like me, I find that its also good for myself to get outside too! Parents are always trying to balance the tasks of daily life, but sometimes we need a reminder to slow down and appreciate the moments we are currently in.

Did you know that spending time outdoors has mental health benefits? It reduces stress, depression, and anxiety!

This makes it even more important to teach younger children how to enjoy the outdoors! Show them how to escape technology and get lost in their own imagination and play.

To help make getting outdoors easy, exciting, and engaging for your toddler, we have created a list of items that you will want to use all summer long.


First up on this list is a beach/pool tote. Now, you don’t need to be visiting water to make this part of your outdoor summer essentials. Consider going to a park and including a picnic as part of your day.

Maybe think about a simple hike to take your toddler on. This tote is a must. (Click photo for amazon link)

This tote from amazon has a zipper enclosed mesh top accompanied by an attached cooler on the bottom! Making this the perfect go to for any outdoor toddler activity. And the price point is perfect for any parent. Win!

Now, making sure your toddler has a place of their own to sit is important! Sitting with mom or dad slowly becomes a thing of the past.

Make sure you are keeping your little one protected this summer with some Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen! Compared to other sunscreens, this sunblock is free of harmful chemicals others have in their ingredients! This was huge, as I prefer the best for my toddler and what I am putting on her body!

This sunblock is SPF 50 and water resistant for 80 minutes. Also free of biologically harmful chemicals like avobenzone, oxybenzone, paraben, phthalates, PABA, 1,4 dioxane, and UV chemical absorbers. 

This Melissa and Doug folding chair is exactly what I needed. This chair is great to bring with us to the lake, camping, or the back yard BBQ. It’s fun and my little girl is happy to be in her own space.

I love it because it comes with a carrying case and is made out of all washable materials. It is also perfect for when I have another little one, as it is not gender specific.

A magnetic fishing set pairs perfectly with this chair. The enjoyment my child gets from this simple game is something her grandpa is very proud of This set come with two fishing rods (great if you have two kids or a friend over!)

Creative Play

Sidewalk chalk is an inexpensive must for all children. This will stimulate their creative side and giving them the hose afterwards to rinse it all off is an added bonus.

This is a great time for mom to be able to get a little sun and maybe catch up on some reading. Or maybe get the dishes done while supervising from the window.

I chose this sidewalk chalk because it is washable, it comes in a sturdy container, and they are JUMBO. This summer essential is less likely to break into tiny pieces, which is a win for any parent.

Another great creative item to use outside is play-doh. Challenge those little ones to mold animals, plants, or even insects. This can be a great learning tool while getting fresh air at the same time.

This 10 pack is $7.99 on amazon and will last you all summer. These colors are all perfect for creating the perfect master pieces! (Please just make sure to put the lids on after use or you do run the risk of it drying out)



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Water Play

Next up on my outdoor summer essentials list are items for backyard water fun. My toddler would live in water if she could, so if you have a little one like mine check these out!

Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center, 117" X 76" X 53", for Ages 2+

Ditch the normal “kiddy” pool this summer with a two part inflatable pool with a mini slide! This sounds expensive, but the one below is sold on amazon for less than $50!


Intex Kiddie Pool - Kid's Summer Sunset Glow Design

But if you were looking for something a little more simple, or maybe a little pool to bring to grandma and grandpas, this next pool my be for you. We got this pool for when we visit my parents. It is less than $15 and is easy to transport. My little girl can now enjoy water fun on-the-go!


Conthfut Toddler Sprinklers Splash Outdoor Sprinkle Mat

I also came across this Toddler Sprinkler Splash Play Mat that looks like more fun than a couple of kids would know what to do with.


splash seaway water table

For parents who maybe have a toddler who isn’t much into being in the water, check out this Spill and Splash Seaway Water Table. It is a great way to play with water toys outdoors with out having to get in. It also comes with an umbrella for added shade while playing outside.

On The Grass Fun

Most kids growing up have tons on energy. Get them outside and playing on the grass (because falling and being wild hurts less on grass) with these outdoor summer essentials!

Little Tikes First Slide (Red/Blue) - Indoor / Outdoor Toddler Toy

Slides are at least thirty minutes of fun a day. And if you already have a kids pool, think about incorporating a slide in for some water play. This mini slide is a good height for slide beginners and is a ton of fun for the little ones.

Little Tikes 3-in-1 Triple Splash T-Ball Set with 3 Balls

Are you looking for something more sports oriented? Well this Little Tykes 3-in-1 Triple Splash T Ball set is just for you Teach your little one the basics of t-ball while watering the lawn. What a great activity to keep them active this summer.

We here at Moment In A Box Club sincerely hope this post helped you find a couple of things that will boost the fun for you and your toddler this summer!

This post does contain Amazon Affiliate links, which has no added cost to you, our reader. Are you or is someone you know expecting? Check out our new Baby Deluxe Box! We also have created an amazing list of Must See Gender Reveal Ideas here!

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