Creating a baby registry can feel daunting. Moment In A Box Club has created the ultimate baby registry checklist with detailed explanations of why each product is perfect for you, so you can tailor your baby registry to everything you are going to need!

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Moment in A Box Subscription

First and foremost make sure you add your twelve month Moment In A Box Club subscription to your baby registry. Our subscription is ideal for the new mom. It features products delivered to moms door as she and her baby are going to be using them. We feature feeding, bathing, reading, developmental toys, health products and many more! Check out our Get Started page here to pick your plan, and add it to your Baby List registry today!



Crib + Mattress

There are so many different options for cribs. You can find options for as inexpensive as $79.99 for a sleek simple crib fromIkea, or something as retro and modern as thisPottery Barn Cribrunning at $4,900. The average person does not have a budget that will support an almost $5000 crib, so for those of us who choose the alternative, rest assured that cribs sold today all have to meet basic safety standards so whatever your choice is, your future baby is in safe hands!

Warning: It is recommended that you use a crib that was made in the last ten years to be sure the safety standards are up to date. If you have questions or concerns regarding an older crib, check out this site to see what and why these standards exist.


Bassinet or Co-sleeper

It is generally recommended by Pediatricians that your newborn sleep in your room for the first six months but not in your bed. This article by John Hopkins Universityis a fantastic article about all the sleep issues you can run into and different safety things to be aware of with newborns sleep. The best way to have your baby in your room but protected is a bassinet. This Halo Sleeper is great, especially for c-section moms.

We had a beautiful bassinet that I stared at and dreamed of my baby sleeping in when he arrived. He hated it. Flat out would not sleep in it. Don’t worry, there are other options. This co-sleeper is a great alternative to keep your baby safe and nearby.

Changing Table + Pad

There are several options here. Our choice was to add this changing table tray to an existing dresser and put a pad in it. It worked for us since we had an extra dresser.

A different option if you have a nursery space big enough is to add an entire piece of furniture dedicated a changing table. There are a ton of options out there, but here is a look at some of our favorite. Both of these options add customizable storage areas and make for a great baby registry item.

Changing Pad Covers

This three pack is a wonderful option! Changing table covers offer a fun way to introduce new patterns to your nursery’s look. Make sure you have at least 3 on your baby registry in case things get a little messy. You wont want to be starting loads of laundry in the middle of the night. Having a back up stash will allow you to leave the laundry until morning.

Rocker or Glider + Ottoman

Infants often have their times of the day reversed and spend most the day sleeping and are awake a lot at night. For those times when you want to be comfortable but your little one wants to be awake, a rocker is a must have. This is a personal choice, but one thing to keep in mind when choosing your chair is  your arm rests. Make sure you are comfortable with where your arms sit if you will be nursing or feeding your baby a bottle in this chair. Also important to think about is height of the back. If the back of the chair is not high enough for you to rest your head back during those late nights, you might find one that allows for that. This beautiful piece of furniture is stylish and comfortable and perfect for your baby registry.

Laundry Hamper

The amount of laundry done as a parent increases exponentially with the number of kids. Finding a good hamper is a must have. As with some of our other fun design elements, be creative here. Most hampers run between $20-$30 so find something that works perfect with your decor. If your nursery space is limited, this corner basket is a great way to optimize your small space.

Storage Bins

As with your tiny baby, they will accumulate a lot of tiny things, shoes, toys, socks, ect. Having some storage solutions will help keep your babies room clean and organized. Here as some bins we used in our own nurseries.

Crib Sheets + Mattress Pad Cover

As with your changing table cover, have multiple sets of sheets. We recommend a minimum of 3. A beautiful element of the nurseries design, Copper Pearl offers a wide variety of patterns in their high quality cotton fitted sheets that are perfect for your baby registry.


You will definitely need a dresser to help store all of the clothes and blankets for your little one. You can choose to get an entire new bedroom set, or use and existing dresser. There are a ton of options out there and you may decide not to have it on your baby registry but you will need a place to store all those tiny baby clothes.


Don’t forget to add tiny baby hangers to your baby registry! This 48 piece set is a wonderful pack that comes with your storage bins and even some closet organizers to help keep the different sized baby clothes organized!





6-10 bottles should be enough to get you started. Our favorite were the Medela. We used this set of 10 5oz bottles and added just a few 8 oz bottles. These bottles were great because they hooked right into the pump that was covered by our insurance for free. My son loved them, they are easy to clean and offer a variety of sizes and nipple flow speeds.

Slow Flow Nipples

This may not be a must have but adding a slower flow nipple to your baby registry may be something to consider. My son, who was mostly breastfed, struggled to drink as fast as the regular nipples allowed when he was an infant. This slower option offered us the ability to have a nipple speed closer to what he was used to with breastfeeding and made our transition between the two seamless.

Drying rack + Accessories

This drying rack and its accessories are so handy! It allows you to dry all of your babies bottles (and all the parts) in a separate space from your daily dishes preventing any cross contamination of bacteria further protecting your new baby!

Bottle warmer

While this is not a necessity, (there are other ways to warm a bottle) this bottle warmer is great! It warms your baby’s formula or breast milk quickly and safely following the CDC’s guidelines. It’s auto shutoff feature is great for that occasionally forgetful “mom brain” and it is very easy to use!


Cleaning your babies bottles is important and can feel like a chore. This Dr. Brown’s bottle sterilizer makes it easy! There are two compartments, the top for nipples, pacifiers, and other small parts and a larger bottom compartment for bottles and any internal pieces of your babies bottle that may be too big

Bottle Brush

Since we are on our cleaning kick! It is a good idea to have a separate cleaning brush for your bottles too. This set is a great addition to your baby registry as it is good for all kinds of different bottles and even sippy cups when your toddler gets to that stage.


Maybe you don’t want to offer your baby a pacifier, or maybe only after a certain amount of time. Whatever your thoughts may be, it is a good idea to have one laying around just in case your baby decides its the only way they want to be soothed. We never thought we would use a pacifier with our children but that ended on day three of our sons life. This pack is all we had when our baby was born and it saved us at 3am when no one was sleeping!

Breast Pump

Now before you add this to your baby register, check with your insurance. You can call the number on the back of your card and most insurances will cover a breast pump 100%! If yours does not, this is our choice. I used this for a year with my baby and was super easy to work with! Plus it came with additional bottles to match the set we recommended above.

Milk Storage

If your planning on nursing and working, or just nursing and going to be at home, it is a good idea to add  some milk storage bags to your baby registry so you can freeze your extra milk (hopefully you have extra!) These bags are great and Medela makes a bigger size bag if your supply offers more than these bags can hold.

Pump Cleaning Supplies

For cleaning on the go, or even at home these quick clean bags are great! If you are not interested in a sterilizer for whatever reason, these bags offer a great alternative! Plus they are great if you need to clean your pump supplies at work!

Nursing Pillow

This pillow offers great support for the new mom, or dad in any feeding of your newborn! Plus it grows with your baby as a support when they are working on tummy time and trying to sit on their own! Boppy offers a ton of different covers so you can pick one that goes with your nursery theme. It comes off easily for a quick wash.

Nursing Cover*

This nursing cover can convert into 5 different functionalities for the new mom! Not just for our nursing mommas! SNEAK PEEK ALERT!!! This is something that we love so much that we have included it in our Moment In A Box Club Subscription! Head over to our get started page to add your 12 month subscription to your baby registry today!

Nursing Bras

Even if you are not planning on nursing, your milk will come in and your bra size will inevitably not be the same for a while after your baby is born. These nursing bras offer support and comfort for you during this time of change!


While we support nursing here at Moment In A Box Club, it is a choice and not for everyone. If you know that formula is your feeding plan with your baby, go ahead and add your favorite to your baby registry!

Burp Cloths*

Burp cloths are a must have! They end up being a catch all for all and hopefully save you from wearing baby spit up! You will likely need a lot of these so register away!! SNEEK PEEEK ALERT!!! We have included one of our favorites in our box just for you!

High Chair

This is one that you don’t need right away, but if you have some room for storage, they are very nice to get early. When your ready you can just pull it out of the box! This chair is a 6 in 1 chair and it has the ability to grow with your child. It also comes with a booster seat for easy eating on the go!



Infant Car Seat with Base

Choosing the best car seat for you takes thought and research. Rest assured that they are all tested for safety, so pick the best for you and your family! We would recommend buying an extra base per car. It makes traveling with your infant easy and fast. This is our favorite baby registry choice for infant car seat.

Convertible Car Seat

We loved Britax so much we decided to use them when our son grew out of his infant seat.  You may however, choose to only use a convertible seat! This Britax Marathon works from 5- 40 lbs and can be rear and forward facing!


Most infant seats come with a stroller that can just click right in! Here we have the entire travel system, you can register for the system as a whole or each part individually. This stroller has been great for us! Durable, lots of storage for mom and dad, and easy set up and take down!

Pack and Play

The pack and play offers a wonderful space for your little one to sleep if your on the go. It can be thrown up in the kitchen if you are cooking dinner and need a safe place for your little one to play, or in the yard for some fun in the sun! This 4Moms pack and play is our absolute favorite! The take down and set up can be done with one hand! If you don’t love this one make sure you find an alternative to add to your baby registry!


This is such a wonderful invention. We have these in all of our vehicles! This mirror straps on to any size head rest and then has an ability to pivot to any direction you need. If your headrest falls at a funny angle, you can adjust it to see your baby perfectly as you check your rear view mirror!

Diaper Bag

This is a big one! There are so many choices out there. We loved the idea of having a backpack, it was functional and didn’t feel too feminine that my husband didn’t want to carry it. Plus you can carry everything you need without any hands! This bag offers great storage, is the perfect size and not too pricey!

Carrier or Sling

Having a carrier or sling is a baby registry must have. This carrier offers everything you can ever need! It goes from newborn size to toddlers and can be facing in and out! Great for everything from hikes to sweeping the house!

Bouncer or Lounger

A bouncer or lounger is a great place for your newborn to have his own “Chair” in the family. This lounger by Boppy offers a great place for your newborn to relax! It sits at just the right angle, so baby is at most comfortable!

Baby Swing

We loved this swing because it was dual purpose and came off into a separate bouncer as well. Babies are used to a lot of movement in moms belly, so a swing is sometimes just what baby is looking for. This is the swing we had on our baby registry and our baby loved it!

Play Mat

Visual stimulation is so important to your babies development. My baby loved his play mat and ultimately became something that was part of our daily routine! Definitely a must have baby registry item to help stimulate your baby and keep them entertained!

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Diapers and Wipes

There are so many brands and so many choices when it comes to diapers and wipes. If you already have a brand picked out, then register away. If you were like me you and had no clue, you can also register for a bunch of different brands and try them all! We had a diaper raffle at my baby shower which left us with a wide variety of sizes and brands of diapers! Make sure before baby comes you stock up on those wipes!

Wipe Warmer

This one is always a bit controversial. I loved mine. It makes mid night diaper changes not so unbearable for your baby and helped our little one go back to sleep a little smoother. This one is great, keeps wipes moist and even comes with a night light.

Diaper Rash Cream

Like your diapers and wipes, finding the right skin care products that work for your baby can be a lot of trial and error. We love all of Hamilton Babies products but their diaper rash cream is wonderful! SNEEK PEEK ALERT!! We have a full size bottle of their soothing booty balm coming your way with any of our three box subscriptions!

Diaper Cream Brush

This product is amazing. It is so simple and yet so amazing! Below you will see the full size version but we have another surprise for you… we have a travel size version with traveling case in all three Moment In A Box Club SubscriptionsSNEEK PEEK ALERT!!!

Diaper Pail

A diaper pail is just a fancy trash for diapers however, this Ubbi pail is spectacular! It is a steel pail, requires no special bag and keeps any baby diaper smells locked into the pail itself! It prevents you from having to run in and out of the house to trash those stinky diapers.

Infant Tub

When you bring your baby home for the first time you realize just how small babies are. The idea of putting your tiny baby in a normal sized bath tub sounds terrifying! This bath is a perfect solution to this feeling. It offers a little sling for supporting your newborn and grows with your baby until you are ready to venture into the big bath!

Wash Cloths

Baby wash cloths are softer and more gentle than your average wash cloth. They are perfect for your new babies skin. SNEEK PEEK ALERT!! We have a pack of four wash cloths coming your with with your Moment In A Box Club Subscription! Click here to add your subscription to your baby list today!

Shampoo + Baby Wash + Lotion

Babies skin can be so sensitive and this body wash from Hamilton Babies is designed by a doctor just for your baby! SNEEK PEEK ALERT!!! We have a full sized bottle of both of these in our Moment In A Box Club subscriptions!


This is not a must have by any means but this is such a fun thing for your baby and can make bath time such a great time of the day! SNEEK PEEK ALERT!!! Our 12 month box subscription and our month to month subscription box feature a whole box dedicated to bath time fun!

Spout Cover

A spout cover is a great baby registry add on. This 4Moms spout cover offers a dual purpose of protecting your child’s head from the spout and also gives you a thermometer so you can always make sure you have the perfect temperature for your little ones bath.




A temperature on your baby is one of the easiest ways to keep track of your baby’s health! This thermometer is great because it offers both an ear function and a forehead function. Plus it is suitable for accurate temperature readings for both adults and children!


A humidifier can help your little one breath easier by adding a touch of moisture into the air. This particular humidifier has a 1 gallon tank and an auto shut off! It also offers the ability to add a filter if you live in an area with hard water. A humidifier in your baby’s room can help during colds and times of congestion, as well as, help with dry skin!

Noise Machine

I did not think I needed this. I was wrong. When your baby is growing inside your uterus, they hear the swooshing of your blood flow. Having a noise machine drastically increased my baby’s ability to relax. The silence can be unnerving for them. This sound machine is our baby registry favorite. It has a soft night light option, battery or plug in (which means you can travel with it!) and it offers 20 different sounds!

Night Lite

Night lights are a baby registry must have! Ideally something with a switch, so you can use them for late night diaper changes and feedings. Then turn them off when they are not needed! A night light offers you the ability to see what you are doing without over stimulating you or your baby, allowing everyone to go back to sleep smoothly. SNEEK PEEK ALERT!! We will send you our favorite in our Moment In A Box Club subscription!!

Health Kit

A health kit like this one really comes in handy! It makes it easy to have all your babies toiletries in one place! Watch out for some of our favorites from inside the kit in your Moment In A Box Club subscription!

Nail Care Supplies

You can never have enough of these! Inevitably they will get lost or misplaced and your baby’s nails seem to just grow at an alarming rate! SNEEK PEEK ALERT!!! We are sending you some of our favorite nail care supplies with your Moment In A Box Club Subscription!!

Baby Detergent

Your baby’s skin will be delicate (hopefully it won’t, but ours were). Baby detergent was something that I wish we would have registered for. We had to buy it anyways so why not add it to your baby registry! Dreft is our favorite!

Baby Monitor

There are so many choices when it comes to baby monitors but this one is our baby registry favorite! You can get something simple that just offers sound or something as high tech as this! It connects to your phone, is wall mounted and can even let you know the temperature and humidity in the room!

Infant Motrin + Tylenol

You just never know when your going to need these things. Having a stock on hand before you need them is really the way to go!

Nasal Aspirator

Babies can make a ton of snot! This is a must have baby registry item! There is a ton of options out there, but Nose Frida is our favorite! It offers a clear tube so you can make sure your little one isn’t showing signs of infection. Since you are controlling the pressure of the suction it can be as gentle and as strong as you need it! Yes we know, it sounds grows to suck up your kiddos buggers but theres a filter don’t worry!

Tooth Brush

Someday, too soon, your baby will have a mouth full of teeth! Not something you need right away, but something that you will definitely use in the first year! SNEEK PEEK ALERT!!! We have a set of three toothbrushes, one for every stage of your baby’s teething, in our Moment In A Box Club 12 month and month to month subscriptions!





Have a wide variety of sizes (a few newborn, 3-6, 6-9, and even 12 month) and a variety of sleeve lengths. You want some short sleeves and some long sleeves. These are some examples of just plain white onesies! They go great with anything and are super soft on babies skin!


Don’t forget to add pajamas to your baby registry! Depending on where you live and the season, pick something that is weight appropriate for your baby. These sleepers are fleece and offer a warm layer for baby to sleep in!

Sleep Sacks

It is the recommendation by the APA that babies not sleep with loose blankets to help prevent SIDS. These sleep sacks by Halo offer a great alternative to keep your baby warm at night. The first has a swaddle option for your younger babies, and the second a sleeveless option as they grow up. They come in cotton, fleece, and even muslin cloth!


Your little one will likely either love to be swaddled, or hate it. Either way, these new options make swaddling so much easier! Your baby fits right into them like a little burrito, then you velcro them in. No fussing with extra blankets and worrying if you got your swaddle tight enough!

Receiving Blankets

These are wonderful! They work as a collect all! Our son was born in September, so we used these Muslin Cloth Blankets to keep him covered in the car seat or covered in his Ergo baby carrier when we went out for walks. They are lightweight and perfect! If your baby is due when it is going to be cold you can go for something a little more sturdy like this second flannel option! Don’t forget to add a thick fluffy blanket to your baby registry!


Stock up on pants of all sizes! A few newborns all the way up to your 12 months! We were lucky enough to have to buy very little cloths in my son’s first year of life because of our baby registry!


Oh those tiny toes will get cold so make sure you are ready with a bunch of tiny socks! This set of 6 pairs is perfect for a boy or a girl!


Baby’s finger nails are so sharp and unfortunately they can scratch themselves very easily. These cotton mittens help protect your little ones face by offering an easy cover!


Definitely want to have a few of these ready! Even if your little one is born in the summer time they do not regulate their body temperature very well so having some hats around is a must! This is the set we had on our baby registry for our September baby and they made it through the whole winter!

The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist

There you have it! All the things you need to welcome your new baby! We have also included our free printable here to make your life easier. Here at Moment In A Box Club, we want all moms to have everything they need to make the transition into motherhood as smooth as possible!

Make sure you add your favorite Moment In A Box Club subscription to your baby registry today! Check out all your shopping options here.

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