It is finally time to plan your baby shower! The best place to start is to pick a baby shower theme! We have come up with a list of our favorite baby shower themes and hope that you find some inspiration!


This is the best place to start your planing is what a color scheme. Try and keep in mind the colors you want to see at your shower and then further narrow your theme from there. If you don’t end up finding something more specific, just have a baby shower theme of your favorite color combinations.

This teal and blue color combination is a great example of how to
decorate without picking a specific baby shower theme.



A wonderful way to get your baby’s library started is to have everyone bring a book to sign instead of a card! Then at the end of your shower you are left with a whole library full of books to read to your baby! Check out this article to see 6 benefits of reading with your babyThis mom has a whole shower theme around books and does it so well!



Do you and your partner have a travel bug? Check out this amazing travel baby shower theme! In this theme you can use lots of maps, globes, suitcases and even include these really cool centerpieces that look like hot air balloons! 


Images and more can be found at and

Sayings to go with this shower:

“Adventure Awaits”
“You’re Our Greatest Adventure”
“Oh The Places You’ll Go”
“The World Awaits”



This was my personal favorite and the baby shower theme we picked for my son. There are a ton of great options out there for airplane baby shower themes but here are some great options!

This site has a whole vintage airplane baby shower theme done so so so well!

Sayings to go with this shower:

“Landing Soon”
“Precious Cargo”
“Welcome to the World’



Looking for something wild and luscious?  Then check out this site, it is full of ideas including this picture below!

Sayings to go with this shower:

“Born To Be Wild”
“Its About To Get Wild”



Catch My Party has just totally captured all that a floral baby shower theme has to offer! This is simple and elegant and perfect for welcoming your new little girl!



One of the most popular baby shower themes we found was a woodland theme. The beauty in this theme is that you can tailor it to be gender neutral or specific!

Check out the Cafe Mom’s post about 40 different woodland ideas including the one featured to the right! They are all beautiful and include everything from dessert to decor!



Just like the woodland theme, the rustic baby shower theme can be tailored for gender neutral or gender specific! Our list could not be completed without a little burlap. This Etsy Shop has everything you need to create a perfect rustic baby shower theme!


If you are a Harry Potter fan then idea of throwing a Harry Potter themed shower must cross your mind. This mom has this totally figured out! Thank you to Our Handcrafted Life for this awesome post about how to throw a Harry Potter shower! She includes everything from printable to decor that includes letters flying out of the fire place!!

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Each season offers so many beautiful attributes so why not utilize these in your baby shower theme. Here are some ideas for each season!


This is an Easter bunny theme but totally embraces everything spring! We specifically love the flowers in the old wheelbarrow! Such a beautiful idea that can be used long after the shower.



Winter Wonderland Baby

If your baby is due in the middle of winter, no fear! Embrace the beauty and drink some cocoa! This site offers so many great ideas all surrounding the concept of a winter wonderland!


Summer Baby

A summer BBQ baby shower theme offers the perfect opportunity to host a co-ed shower! Check out this site for some great decor options!



Fall Baby

Fall offers some of the richest most unique colors. Plus, who doesn’t love fall deserts! If orange is your favorite color then this is a great baby shower theme for you. Check out these decor ideas from Catch My Party!!

Don’t forget to include some of your favorite fall deserts for your shower!



This yellow bee theme is so cute and offers a ton of different fun play on words with the word “bee.” Sweet Simplicity Bakery has included this amazing desert table and included all the different deserts they used! Check it out here!.

12. Nautical

Catch My Party has done it again! Check out this beautiful set up for a nautical baby shower theme! They think of everything!

Sayings to go with this shower:

“Ahoy! It’s A Boy!”
“Welcome Aboard”



This theme is graceful and reminiscent of the book The Secret Garden. Perfect for welcoming your new little girl! Check out all the ideas and products from this site!



Who knew elephants could be so adorable until you were pregnant! Turns out they make a great shower theme and a great nursery theme! Look how gorgeous and elegant this dessert table turned out!



Mexican food and bright colors! If your baby is putting you in the mood for spicy food, a fiesta baby shower theme is a great option!

Check out this site for decor and invitation ideas!

Saying to go with this shower:

“Taco Bout My Baby”


16. OWL

This Tiffany blue and owl baby shower by Catch My Party are truly beautiful and inspirational! It is elegant and sweet!


17. BOHO

For a laid back but still 100% gorgeous look try this Boho baby shower theme! Kara’s Party Ideas has created a true work of art in all of this decor!



Arguably this is more of a style and could be applied to other themes however, this picture proves that vintage can be its very own theme!



The cakes that you can find on this on Pinterest are so inspiring! This theme is whimsical and magical! Check out this Etsy Store for everything you need to create the perfect twinkling shower!20.



How many of us feel this way at the end of our pregnancy! I know I did. This theme is full of all things “pop”! Soda pop. Popcorn. Balloons. You name it! This mom has created a beautiful and colorful option for a baby shower theme of “Ready To Pop.”



Well there you have it! Our top 20 baby shower themes! Each one unique and beautiful in its own way! We hope you find inspiration with this article and mix and match your favorite components of each of these beautiful themes!



Color themed baby shower? Pick the perfect baby shower them for you and your new baby. Well there you have it! Our top 20 baby shower themes! Each one unique and beautiful in its own way! We hope you find inspiration with this article and mix and match your favorite components of each of these beautiful themes!


Pick the best baby shower theme for your and your new baby! 20 different inspirational baby shower themes!


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